The Top 7 Ways to Get Out of “Tilt” (or Losing Streak) in Competitive Video Games

Whether it’s League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, Fortnite, Call of Duty, or some type of hardcore fighting game, I can help you get out of a slump! c:


What exactly does “tilt” mean? Tilt was originally a poker term for being in an “overly emotional state where you make less than optimal decisions.” This can be caused by bad beats (poker hands you thought you were about to win, but got outplayed in the end) or failing a bluff. Nowadays, it can be applied to anything competitive against people.

  1. Listen to music. Lo-fi hip-hop, electro, or anything instrumental are my favorite, so I don’t have the lyrics distracting me. If you are a complete music lover like me, I would describe that I would get “in the zone.” The Psychology term is “flow.”
  2. Go on Discord, Zoom, League Chat, or another voice chat with friends. If your friends are good-natured and amicable, they can pick you off the ground when you’re feeling low and reassure you. Connect with people! From an evolutionary standpoint, we are social beings.
  3. Relax and take more frequent breaks in between games. Sit in the lobby longer and don’t queue up right away. Breathe, my friend. Your mind tends to go on “auto-pilot” during extended gaming sessions. Your brain can typically focus doing 1 task for 50-60 mins until it wanders more and more frequently. Look up the “Pomodoro Effect” if you’re interested in this phenomenon.
  4. Play another game of a different genre. Look up the “Casual” and “Relaxing” tags for Steam games. I like playing simple puzzle games like Match-3. Bejeweled 3 actually has a mode called “Zen” where you basically unwind from stress and play to soothing binaural beats. I also like playing Animal Crossing, since I can just forget the world for a bit and do my calming daily tasks.
  5. Mindfulness and awareness. Acknowledge the fact you are on “tilt.” Admit you have a problem. Ok, that sounds like the Alcoholic Anonymous 12-Step Program, but you know what I mean, haha (Nothing wrong with recovery). That’s the first step to fixing a problem. Stop whatever you are doing, take a step back, observe the situation, and then proceed mindfully (a DBT Psychology skill).
  6. Practice another one of your hobbies. Exercising, reading, gardening, drawing, meditating, and playing a musical instrument are all totally good stress relieving activities!
  7. Listen up, this is sort of a big one and a hard pill to swallow. *Accept* that some games are out of your control, especially if it’s loot-based like Fortnite or Random Number Generated (RNG) like Hearthstone. Also, sometimes you just get queued up with bad-mannered or unskilled teammates. The chances are equal for the other team to have bad teammates as you, believe it or not. At this point, I would distance myself, analyze the problem, and create a solution. If all else fails, simply take a break. Sorry! The odds are sadly, aren’t in your favor </SubtleHungerGamesReference>

Keep keeping on, Gamers! I’m rooting for you guys. 😀

Fellow bloggers, how do *you* get out of tilt? Let me know and leave a comment!