My experience @ Arcane Maid Cafe in Anime Impulse 2016


The maid cafe (Arcane Cafe) was probably the highlight of Anime Impulse 2016. Arcane Cafe has the cutest maids this west side of Mississippi (Just kidding, I can’t claim that for sure, that should be their hook though). There were 4 people hanging out with a maid. It was a chill environment. The food and drink was pretty good. I had strawberry cake, a latte, and Bawls energy drink.

We played Jenga (Which I’m horrible at), Cards Against Humanity, and sang karaoke (John Legend and Frank Sinatra). I lost at Jenga so I had to do an embarrassing dance in front of everyone. Cards Against Humanity was too funny because most of us have a twisted sense of humor, lol.

After playing, we sang “Hotline Bling” by Drake to another table. Their reaction was awesome, haha. Then we played Counter-Strike (I’m not very good at this game) and League of Legends (ARAM mode) on their latest gaming computers.

All in all, I made friends (the party). If you were thinking of going to a maid cafe, I’d recommend it. It was a blast!

anime impulse arcane maid cafe squad pic
Squad pic with new con friends and Maid Lulu ^_^

My past experience at Anime LA 2013 (California convention)

Anime Los Angeles is an annual 3-day convention that’s located at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott. Like most anime cons, it pretty much includes any other fandoms (American comics, TV, movies, etc.) My friends and I went on Saturday January 5, 2013 for one day. This con is bigger than PMX, but smaller than AX.

At one point, we had 19 people going as a group in a Facebook group, but it was kinda my fault. They made other plans with family/friends. 5 people went, though. I asked my friend’s grandma to sow me a Kirito costume, but there wasn’t much time.

I was reppin’ Reddit here and I met a fellow Redditor, who was a voice actress in League of Legends. She says she browses the My Little Pony subreddit. I took less pics because we went to panels. My friends and I went to this panel that was titled “How to Make Anime Music.”

I made a mistake of not buying stuff early at the exhibition hall at my first con (Pacific Media Expo). My friends made fun of me for waiting -_- I didn’t know the shops closed that early. I made sure this time to buy my anime memorabilia on time. I think at this con, we watched episodes 1 and 2 of Planetes.

My friends and I went to the video game room and I was happy to see Playstation All-Stars being played because we played that a lot at the time. At night time, my group split apart. My friend and I wandered (read: got lost) and found the Marriott hotel pool. It was awesome sitting poolside at night with the lights on and everyone in cosplay!


The rating: 4/5


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This pic was cooler in person. The wall was glowing blue.
39 - OFulf
Kickin’ it poolside at the Mariott.

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My past experience at Pacific Media Expo 2012 (PMX) in LA, California


Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is a small, annual 3-day convention that was created by Mike Tatsugawa. It is mainly an anime/manga con at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport on November 9-11, but there is anything nerd culture pretty much (video games, movies, TV shows, comics).

It was my first con ever. My friends and I went Saturday, one day ($40). I told them a week before the expo so we couldn’t plan to cosplay. I knew a month or two before, but it just crept up on me suddenly. The con wasn’t that big so we didn’t have to wait a long time to get our badges. It was located at a hotel so I’m sure people who didn’t know about the con turned their heads.

I got excited every time I saw Adventure Time cosplays, lol. I met Little Kuriboh of the Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series YouTube fame and was super psyched about it. He was extremely friendly and chill. Oh Gawd, I was starstruck! I wish I got him to do some of the voices, xD I also met Filipina cosplayer Mizziemie without realizing it. She had a spot on cosplay of Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagan.

I don’t remember going to a lot of panels. We just took a bunch of pics. I remember lining up for a Hatsune Miku concert outside, but getting kicked out because there was too many people. There was also a video game room, but I’m terrible at fighting games, haha. There was a Naruto fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Persona 4 Arena, and Resident Evil 6.

The exhibition hall wasn’t that huge. You can walk around and see the shops in a short amount of time. I bought some buttons and pins to put on my backpack. One of them was the “L” symbol from Death Note and a button that says “Anime: Drugs would be cheaper.” Other than that, I forgot if I bought anything else. My friends bought swords and gifts for other people.

The rating: 3.5/5

Don’t go expecting it being like Anime Expo status. I guess I gave it a little bit of a higher score because it was my first con.

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