Poem – “Thank You, Miss”

Not gonna front today now
But I think of you when ’80s music plays loud
Spotify got me in a different mindset
Back in 2010, a time I won’t forget
Ironically, the time that we met
I was in a declining mood, but you lifted it
So thank you, miss, I appreciate it
Believe that I mean it

-S O L A C E for the Melancholy Soul on Facebook (@TheIntrovertedSoul)


Poem – “Expensive Tastes”

“There’s no debate, you’ve got expensive tastes
I just wait until my pensive thoughts elevate
To better times, so I can deliver cohesive lines
To further my underlying advances ’til she is mine
Not like that she’s a game prize, rather she’s the apple of my eye
The core reason why I wake up smiling in the morning
My favorite place on Earth? Why, it’s close by you, of course!”

– S O L A C E for the Melancholy Soul