Top Anime Shows on Netflix (US) for People New to Anime to Watch – # 1-5 (Part 1)

(If you hadn’t already, a lot of these are sort of old).

(This list is mostly more for the people getting into anime, also it’s in no particular order).


1. Sword Art Online (action, fantasy, romance) – The anime everyone was raving about 2012-2013. It’s related to Accel World and compared to .hack. To put it simply in slang, the homie is really lit at a Virtual Reality MMORPG and the business suits trap the players in-game (ya feel me, fam?).

To escape, they have to clear 100 floors and defeat bosses. If they die, they die in real life by an electro-shock to the brain from the headset. Yikes!

2. Attack on Titan (action, shounen, drama) The anime that became Sword Art after Sword Art was Sword Art (does that make sense?). I mean, it’s SAO in terms of popularity and mainstream appeal.

The show is about humanity’s last stand against these 15-foot giants (Titans). The soldiers are equip with Maneuver Gear (think like Spider-Man’s webslinging, but harnesses), dual-swords, and old-school rifle musettes. The only thing barricading them from the Titans is this enormous, fortified wall (Trump must’ve watched this anime and took the idea, not really).

Expect it to have shounen characters that shout and have a lot of emotions.

3. Death Note (psychological, mystery, thriller) – The anime that got probably got me into anime, besides Pokemon and the Toonami ones. The psychological battle between L and Light is incredible. The conflict between the two keeps you guessing and moves you to the edge of your seat!

It also raises the ethical question, is killing criminals morally right because of their unlawful actions? If you like the detective/mystery genre, this is up your alley.

4. Gurren Lagann (action, comedy, mecha) – This offbeat mecha anime will have you laughing. It is probably one of the manliest anime there is (next to One Punch and Jojo). The art style reminds me a lot of Kill la Kill.

Plus, it has Yoko, a red-head girl who is accurate with a gigantic sniper that is 5 times bigger than her (I exaggerate). How cool is that?!

5. Kill la Kill (action, shounen) – “Don’t Lose Your Way!” – Apologies, I couldn’t resist, xD This MadHouse anime has an INTENSE amount of action. The animation is amazing! Ok, the plot is a bit odd, but bare with me.

This chick with navy blue hair and a red streak strand has half of a scissors sword and gets power and strength from clothing. There’s an academy and the higher the stars on your uniform, the stronger you are. On the second thought, I explained that very weirdly. Trust me, it’s a quality anime.