New Year, New Me – 2019 (excuse the cheesy title…)


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I promised myself to write more this year. Last year’s resolution was to read more. I had a Barnes & Noble yearly subscription ($25), but probably lost money TT^TT Honestly, I kept buying books I didn’t read and thought I was saving money with the discounts. I probably bought more Starbucks with it, haha. You save 10% each purchase at B&N’s Starbucks, if you aren’t aware.

I didn’t attempt the National November Writing Month challenge in 2018 (D’oh!) I usually try, but don’t get close to the successful word count. I need more planning and outlining.

Well, here’s to new opportunities! I’ve read if you missed an opportunity, more doors open for you to explore, if you realize it or not. I like that positive outlook.

Best of luck on your writing/blogging goals and endeavors this New Year, fam! 😀