Poem – “I Can’t Sleep” – Inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland’

“It’s 4 AM and I can’t sleep
And when I can’t sleep, I don’t dream
And when I don’t dream, I lose my mind
And when I lose my mind, I’m at a loss for time
Out of the window, I stare at the moon
And question if it’s the same moon you stare at, too
Insomnia makes my mind all pensive and antsy
While I view through the looking glass until I can’t see
I glance at the girl of my dreams, at least I believe it’s her
But she disappears and turns invisible like Chesire
I have to add that I’m becoming as mad as a hatter
Scattered thoughts on the ground and I attempt to gather
I’m wandering with Alice in a land full of wonder
Going down a rabbit hole while I wish for slumber
Going down a hole, another
Going down a hole, another
This must be a dream within a dream
Inception got me believing
They say I’m woke, but no
I’m still sleeping… Zzzzz”

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